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Project Description
1 R01 GM095967-01A1 Harris (PI) 08/015/10-07/31/15
Lipoproteins and microbial immunity
NIH - NIGMS The major goal of this project is to examine the role of apolipoprotein E in the host immune response to microbial infection through the recognition and presentation of pathogenic lipid antigens to natural killer T (NKT) cells using an in vivo model of polymicrobial sepsis
U19 GM061390 Giacomini (PI) 07/15/10 – 06/30/15
Pharmacogenetics of membrane transporters
The major goals of this project are to characterize the expression of membrane transporters in liver from a diverse population of subjects.
Hobart Harris: Co-Investigator
1 R21 DK093006 Harris (PI) 07/15/13–06/30/15 
Complex Ventral Hernia Repair
The major goal of this project is to investigate the pathophysiology and clinical management of complex ventral hernias, comparing the efficacy, safety and cost of a permanent, synthetic prosthetic versus a biologic prosthetic for the one-stage repair of ventral hernias in the setting of wound contamination.

T32 DK007573, Harris (PI), 07/01/09 ­ 06/30/15
Research training in gastrointestinal surgery
Program provides robust, mentored training experience for residents in general surgery who are interested in careers as clinician-scientists.
Role:  Program leader

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